DAVIDSUN COCONUT PRODUCTS (DCP) is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fine coconut products worldwide. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically situated in the heart of Coconut cultivation zones in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia,and the Philippines. Our complete control of our product quality, as owners of both a vast territory of Coconut Plantations and high quality manufacturing facilities, provides us a distinct advantage in directly accessing the raw materials,sourced where coconuts thrive.

DAVIDSUN COCONUTS has an extensive variety of product offerings, including Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Chips/Flakes, Creamed Coconut, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Coconut Water, Defatted Coconut, Coconut Flour and other superior coconut items. As a pioneer in our industry, we have unwaveringly manufactured excellent and innovative certified organic coconut ingredients year-round. DAVIDSUN COCONUTS is a single, dedicated source for all your coconut needs, made to order and delivered with speed and accuracy. Our devotion to quality from tree to package allows us to excel, leading the global green coconut revolution.

DAVIDSUN COCONUTS  Products is an ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified company, devoted to offering only the most outstanding Coconut based items at competitive costs. Our company has put all of our resources into state of the art, modern manufacturing technology to bring the best tasting, most nutritious coconut based health food products to our valued customers.Davidsun Coconut products undergo 100% Chemical free process: the preferred choice by a growing market of health minded consumers. Running our facilities is a meticulously chosen, proficient workforce and an in-house team of experts,educated to respond to the unpredictable challenges and demands of a growing market.

Aside from showcasing the DAVIDSUN COCONUTS brand we offer an extensive variety of additional services like private labeling as well as shipping in bulk,offering unique growth opportunities to our partners. DAVIDSUN is completely adapted to deliver personalized services as your supplier of the finest, most diverse coconut products.

Known for eco-friendly cultivation and socially conscious practices, elite manufacturing processes, profound skill in business and consistent product innovation, Davidsun Coconuts products go a step further to create finished products packaged to the ideal needs of our customers worldwide.