Our Objective

To consistently seek innovation and new brand concepts, uphold fresh business practices and sustain a competitive edge in the global coconut market by supplying our customers with the highest quality products, first class service and sustainable sourcing.

Core Values

Our work culture is driven by the great values which are engrained in the hearts and minds of every Davidsun employee, the common link between our international offices.

Our commitment to producing high quality products is reflected in our work ethic and matched with our dedication to exceed the expectations of our revered customers.


To value our commitments and act with unwavering responsibility to the
environment, farmers and sustainable farming and a dedication to ethics in business.


To face development and industry trends by look beyond the obvious, and being to experiment with creative solutions and foresight.


To excel as a result of product quality, satisfied and revered customers and celebrate an enjoyment for our work and work enjoyment.


To persist even when the problem appears to be too challenging, to try again with a different approach, to never let go, and to never give up.


To learn from our past and present experiences relevant to the industry, to develop new concepts and reimagine the possibilities, always ready to learn for the sake of our clients.

Quality Management & Environmental Policy

Davidsun Coconuts is as the largest coconut company in Asia and the industry leader, distributing unrivaled organic and natural coconut goods worldwide, with manufacturing and sustainable supply facilities in Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and India.

Davidsun Coconuts has won the trust of the worldwide customer base by means of consistently delivering outstanding, high quality organic coconut based products & spices. Our success is the result of our dedication to solid manufacturing quality, moral business practices and environment stewardship. During the course of past 15 years, we have created, refined and optimized the strategies and practices result in a finished product of the highest quality and purity. Through sustainable sourcing and commitment to fair trade and environmentally friendly practices, we positively impact the communities growing our coconuts as well as the environment at large.

As a certified organic organization with a steadfast dedication to environmental preservation, in all aspects of our operations we support sustainable developments which meet our current needs without compromising the land for future generations.