Quality Control

Our quality measures are of stringent measures and are not bargained or compromised anytime. Since we supply to reputed and renowned general stores, wholesalers and locales, for example, Europe and American continent, we keep up and adhere to all parts of value and quality from the raw material purchase to delivery of goods.

Our processing plants or factories are outfitted within the house research facilities and qualified specialists are with us constantly to predict all issues identified with the quality control previously, during and after production and furthermore have gotten the many certifications for quality control.

R & D

Davidsun Coconut is engaged with consistent R&D exercises to deliver novel highly esteemed coconut kernel products and development has been a key quality of the organization therefore, empowering Davidsun’s entry into profitable niche markets.

Our completely prepared as well as absolutely equipped R&D research centers do R&D operations on a yearly calendar. Every single fruitful product of ours is approved for commercial manufacturing upon completion of test marketing.

Moreover, our very much qualified company food technologists render counseling services rather with respect to proper utilization of our products and we adjust and adapt to the different manufacturing strategies after a much thought and research for the sake of our clients and we all thus cooperate with ourselves and work all in a wonderful unity to present our clients newly excellent coconut kernel based products.

Quality Policy

We have innovated and modernized our coconut product line, advanced our production technology and applied the Food safety management system accordance with the criteria required by universal quality standard models for GMP, Kosher and Halal, plus ISO 22000:2005, Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), the Cleaner Production in Industry (CPI) to advance the brand of “DAVIDSUN COCONUTS” products.

Organically grown, chemical free raw materials are bought from SOFA (Small Organic Farmer’s Association), which are subjected to strict internal guidelines and quality parameters set by Davidsun Coconut and worldwide quality control associations.

The primary objective and cardinal commitment of Davidsun Coconut. Is to manufacture and supply merchandise that meets and exceeds the requirements of our clients. This is reflected in both our raw materials, supplied from our own organic coconut grove, and our extensively trained, quality committed workforce. Our dedication to all points of quality let us best provide sourcing, receiving of goods, handling, packaging and prompt delivery to our valued customers.

Commitment To Environmental Protection Via Sustainable Development & Fair Price Practice With Farmers

As an organization with a strong commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment for future generations, we accept responsibility to continually seek solutions that support environmental conservation and social justice in every aspect of our operations.

As a well established exporter of organic products, Davidsun Naturals assures the sustainability of the farming community by integrating fair trade practices as well as ensuring the income stability of our farmers in case of unfavorable market prices. Further, we profit-share with our valued farmers in the form of support fund dedicated to increase the quality of life and community development for small and medium farms and workers.

Davidsun Coconut takes every possible measure to stay compliant with local and international ecological regulations, including Organic and Food safety certifications. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with a state of the art Bio Filtration waste treatment system to treat the water without any chemicals. We are committed to eco friendly practices and dedicated to social stewardship and fair trade, sustainable farming.