Strategic Quality Management

As the leading global coconut supplier, DAVIDSUN COCONUTS takes pride in
precisely fulfilling the needs of the customer. In offering customized products and manufacturing techniques, we support your innovative efforts in the thriving health products industry. In constantly improving the nature of our products and services, we use creative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

Quality control is an imperative part of our business, and we have established a framework of quality assurance measures at several phases in our production line operations. Our dedication to these measures guarantees that Davidsun Coconut’s diverse line of products is globally recognized as excellent. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities have been awarded numerous quality certifications and international accolades.

For this process only, we do keep up stringent or very strict Quality control frameworks by utilizing very modern quality change apparatuses and nonstop process improvements. We hate constant keeping with the quality: that, we always go about changing the quality positively or improving the quality all so creatively. Due to our matchless dedication toward quality policy, we have risen high atop like a sun amid the world with the fame for our quality.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, leading global supplier of excellent native coconut based products, with a devotion to quality, dedication to consumer satisfaction, and commitment to sustainability and fair trade laws.

To strive to maintain our global position as the leader and largest exporter of the highest quality coconut products. To leverage creative customer care solutions,and dedicated in-house product development to bring innovative coconut products to the international market.

To become synonymous with fine coconut raw materials and finished products and as a trustworthy and dependable manufacturer and exporter, where products are carefully produced using quality control measures that meet international
standards to serve a global market.

To enhance the value of coconut items as a delicious health food by increasing universal exposure to only the highest quality coconut products.

To explore and expand new trade markets while adopting excellent business standards and morals set by our ancestors.

To leave an honorable legacy for our future descendants who will maintain the ideals and procedures under the name of Davidsun Coconut.

Our Mission

To be the most dependable supplier of outstanding Coconut Products that meet international quality control standards, while supplying increasingly growing demands from worldwide markets.

To further our dedication to social responsibility by only sourcing coconuts through our fair trade partnership with nearby farmers as well as farming groups,improving their lives and strengthening their communities.

To form a solid bond between the Company and Ben Tre coconut farmers, while elevating the positive image and perception of Vietnam Agriculture in general,and particularly Vietnam Coconut in the global market.

To seek out advancements and innovations to provide the clients with a novel and inventive quality coconut based products and a commitment to customer service.

To be the industry leader, recognized for excellent business practices and morals,fostering the sustainability of the Company.